Friday, December 2, 2011

Light and Shadow

I –

Am light.

Luminous, blazing, bright as the full moon at Mid-Summer.

Warm as a hearth fire on a winters night.

Radiant, complete and whole.

You –

Are Shadow.

Empty, hollow, made from the leftovers of another’s glow.

Without substance of your own,

Incomplete and weightless.

You knocked at the door of my life

Wanting the warmth of my hearth fire,

Begging for the radiance I carry within me.

You thought that bathing in my light

would hide your lack of substance.

That standing in my radiance

would give you weight and form.

But that is not the nature of my light.

My fire laid bare all that was lacking in you.

Exposed you for the half formed thing you are,

and drove away the shadow you use to hide your emptiness.

The brighter I shone

The more you were exposed.

The more brilliant I became

The more you were diminished.

So you tried to dim my light.

With betrayal, with hurt

With disloyalty and with lies

But you cannot dim the sun.

You may have made clouds,

But they are as insubstantial as you are.

I will blaze forth again, and burn you aside

And you will retreat back to the shadow.

Where you belong.

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